Become a volunteer or adopt a dog

Visit Veria to become a volunteer or adopt a dog

Animal Rescue Tourism
Volunteering is a way of life and is associated with solidarity and selfless giving. The Municipality of Veria with its Stray Animal Adoption Service invites you to visit Veria to become a volunteer or adopt a dog from the Municipal Kennel of Veria.
Become a volunteer…
Taking care of a dog voluntarily.
Become a potential contractor…
Offering love, joy and a home to one of the dogs of the municipal shelter.
Become a sponsor…
Providing food, medicines and other items for the immediate care of stray animals that are in the municipal shelter.
A few words about Peritas
Peritas was the favorite dog of Alexander the Great, who accompanied him during his military campaign. The name Peritas seems to derive from the Macedonian word for January. It has been heard that the name was given by Alexander from the word perittos = extraordinary. But in the ancient texts of Plutarch it is written with a tomb. (Plutarch, Parallel Lives, Alexander 61). Alexander is said to have been the first to legislate for the protection of animals. Peritas was the one who bit an elephant on the battlefield, fighting against Darius III when Alexander had found himself in a very difficult position at some point in the battle. It was there that he was probably killed as well. He is considered one of the ten dogs that left their mark on history.