Traditional Jewish Quarter of Barbouta

«Traditional Jewish Quarter of Barbouta»

On the northwestern edge of the open courtyard of the Jewish Quarter, next to the River Tripotamos, with its cobbled streets and imposing mansions, the visitor can meet the stone building of the old Jewish Synagogue with the rich and ornate decoration.


The quarter is located next to Barbouta area, whose name comes from a fountain which is preserved until today. Consequently, over the years the two areas are identified to some extent in the conscience of the local community.

“The most ancient synagogue in Northern Greece”

The Jewish Synagogue in today’s form was built in 1850 and it is the oldest in the northern Greece and one of the oldest in Europe. Nowadays the Synagogue is occasionally operating as a worship place when the Jews travel to Veria to pray and constitutes a vivid monument proving the timeless presence of the Jews in the area and a representative sample of their spiritual, artistic and architectural tradition. The interior of the Synagogue is impressive that is characterized by wood carved ceilings and vivid mosaic tiles.