The village of Lazochori is located 4 km from Veria and most of its inhabitants come from the region of Pontos. Before the settlement of the refugees, the area with an altitude of 55m was called “Meras” and was a vast pasture. The settlement was created between the years 1914-1924 and the first shacks were quickly replaced by ground floor houses built with reeds and mud and later with stone and bricks. The name of the settlement was given after the first settlers who were Pontic (Lazoi).

Worth to visit

The Holly Temple of Saint Georgios
The church of the village is dedicated to Saint Georgios, the image of which was brought by the refugees from Metsili of the Kars of the Pontos region.

The school of 1926
The school of the settlement which was founded in 1926.

Important Dates

The name day of Saint Georgios
At the name day of Saint Georgios where the local church celebrates. (April 23. In case this date occurs before Easter, then the feast of St. George is postponed to the next day of Easter).