The village of Asomata built at an altitude of 210 meters is a unique balcony on Mountain Vermio overlooking the plain of Veria and the Valley of Aliakmonas River with the artificial lakes and the homonymous hydroelectric dam. It is one of the oldest settlements of Imathia as evidenced by the findings excavated at the sites “Kalogeros” and “Tzamala” where there was the Holy Monastery of St. Dimitrios that was destroyed. West of the settlement there were ravines with several caves where the groups of ascetics-monks, called “bodies”, were used to live there giving their name to the settlement.Today, the settlement stands out for the architecture of its modern mansions as well as for the notorious local grill-houses.

Worth to visit

The church of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael in the square of the settlement that first opened in 1974.
Around the settlement there are other churches such as St. Athanasios of St. Paraskevi while in the location “Elti” there are ruins of the church of “Panagia” with frescoes of 1570.
The Holy Monastery of “Profitis Ilias Asomaton”
The monastery of Prophet Elias is located at the left bank of the River Aliakmonas near the village of Asomata, 8 km from Veria. It is one of the oldest monasteries of the region and today only a small single-aisle basilica still remains. It is assumed that the monastery was built at the end of the 16th century. Many inscriptions refer to 1570 as the date of its inauguration as well as that the temple was originally dedicated to Virgin Mary and not Prophet Elias. As far as the architecture is concerned, the alcove of the Sanctum is three-sided externally while it has a decorative area with beveled edged mudbricks that surround the three sides externally. Despite of the heavy damages over time it is still in good condition and well preserved. The special characteristic of the monastery that gives additional value is the mural paintings of exquisite artistic style preserved in the temple of which the most important are those in the Sanctum. The iconographer is still unknown, although the style and technique make us understand that the temple had been decorated by a painter related to the group of painters who worked on a lot of temples in Veria. The monastery of Prophet Elias was destructed during the Revolution of Naoussa in 1822 like many other monasteries of the area. Today only the catholic of the church has survived. For more information, please visit

Important Dates

November 8
On November 8, where the Holy Temple of the Archangels Gabriel and Michael celebrates
.May 2
On May 2 in the church of St. Athanasios the traditional event called “Kurbani”.