It is located 44 km south of Veria, at an altitude of 630 meters in a beautiful natural environment. Its old name is “Dratsiko”. The locals cultivate the land and take advantage of the forest keeping the village alive and filling the school halls with young students. The natural environment that surrounds the village, the beautiful and imposing lake that stretches low of the first hills of Pieria, rightly classify Daskio in the most beautiful mountain parts of Macedonia. Daskio is one of the few places that still keep the customs and traditions so alive..

Worth to visit

The Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
The Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, a church full of frescoes, along with the chapel of Saint Fotida. .
The Watermill

The Watermill of Daskio, where one can see how a traditional watermill operated..

The Lake of “Logga”.

A small oasis, rich in flora with its stone port, a haunt of fishermen and for those who want to spend a few moments of peace gazing at the wild ducks and enjoying the unique tsipouro of the area.