The Palace of Aigai

Polycentric Museum of Aigai -The Palace of Aigai

The Palace of Aigai that is the palace of King Philip II, is located next to the Royal Tombs of Aigai.

Built during the era of Philip ΙΙ, between 359 and 336 BC, is the largest and, along with the Parthenon, the most important building in classical Greece. For the construction of the palace it was necessary to transport 13 thousand cubic meters of porphyry by carriages from the quarries of Mount Vermio.

The two-storey, in most of its parts, palace had an impeccable drainage and water supply system, as well as impressive mosaics, while in its peristyle gathered up to 4,000 citizens. Apart from the royal residence, it was also the administrative center of Aigai.

In 168 BC, the Romans, after occupying the Macedonian Kingdom, destroyed the palace and the city of Aigai.

In 1855 the Palace was discovered by the French archaeologist Leon Eze.

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