The village of Makrochori, one of the largest villages of Veria, former seat of the municipality of Apostolos Pavlos, is located east of Veria, at a distance of 8 km from its center and is the first settlement on the road from Veria to Thessaloniki. Makrochori is surrounded by homes, workplaces and intensive crops of all kinds of production.

Worth to visit

The Holy Temple of Timios Prodromos
It is the oldest and most populous which is honored in memory of the steepness of Timios Prodromos. It is perhaps the memory of the old dedication of Makrochori to the Monastery of Petra as a metochi. .
The Holy Temple of Saint Georgios
Impressive church in the middle of today’s village and almost on the main road. It was built in the style of a three-aisled basilica with a dome and a narthex on the west side. It is recorded with modern frescoes, imposing iconostasis and shrines. The relics of the church are some icons of the 18th and 19th century, “Evangelistaria” and holy crosses. Palladia of the parish is the icon of Saint Georgios (18th century) as well as a fragment of his relic in a modern silver case. It celebrates on April 23 as well as on November 3. .
The Small Church of Saint Georgios
On the northeast side of the current church of Saint Georgios one can see this small monument, the former chapel of Timios Prodromos amidst lush vegetation and many waters. The hagiographies date back to the time of the archdiocese of Metropolitan Samuel (1746–1763) and are the work of a hagiographer who belongs to the so-called workshop of the Agia.

The Holy Temple of 1930
It is the small chapel found by the refugees who settled in the area and used it to meet their functional needs until the 1970s. The church was built with baked bricks in the style of a three-aisled basilica and the gabled roof was covered with French tiles..
The Holy Temple of Saint Theodoros the “ Stratilatis”

This is a chapel that belongs to the church of Saint Georgios and is located at the end of Makrochori village on the way to Veria. It was built in the 1920s as a simple three-aisled basilica with a pitched roof by Pontiac refugees who carried from their homeland both reverence for the Saint and relics, all of the 19th century. The church has no any hagiography but a simple built iconostasis with modern icons..

Important Dates

25 December
On December 25 every year, “Rougatsia” (traditional dancing groups) appear dancing in the streets.
The event “Momogeroi” that it takes place between Christmas, New Years and Epiphany.
26 December
On the 26th of December at the square called “Paleo Iroo”, the traditional gastronomical event “Gourounohara” is celebrated.
Saturday of Lazarus
Every Saturday of Lazarus the “Lazarines”, unmarried girls who wear the local costumes of “Roumlouki” region, walk around the houses with songs for the celebration and Spring.
Every 27th to 29th of August a big festival is set up in the memory of Timios Prodromos.
February 8
Every February 8, the Church of Saint Theodoros the “Stratilatis” celebrates.