Agia Barbara

Agia Barbara

South East and very close to Veria the village of Agia Barvara is located or simply Barbara which is a creation of refugees from Eastern Romulia in 1923. At the time of the first settlement at the site of the settlement there was a rich wooded area with many running waters. At the root of a plane tree, the refugees found the icon of Saint Barbara and the new village was named after her. Next to the ruins of a small chapel, in the same place between 1927-28, the refugees built a church that has been restored. The cultivation of grapes and the production wine and tsipouro is common in Agia Varvara and comes from the Homeland back in Eastern Romulia.

Worth to visit

The church of of Saint Varvara
The old restored church of Saint Varvara built in 1927-28.
The famous “rakokazana”
The traditional “rakokazana” (distilleries that produce Tsipouro).


4th of December
On the 4th of December, the day of Saint Varvara, which celebrates the village.

1st of February,
On February 1, cultural events take place during the festival of St. Tryphon. In the homonymous hill with the chapel, the traditional dish named “Kourbani” is offered as well as wine or tsipouro since Saint is considered the protector of the vine growers.
During the period of the production of Tsipouro (Rakokazana- distilleries that produce Tsipouro).