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In the Footsteps of Apostle Paul

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“Little Jerusalem”

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The Jewish Synagogue

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Seli Ski Resort

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The archaeological museum

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Did you know that:

  • The plain of Veria produces one of the highest percentages of fruit and vegetables of domestic production!!!
  • The National Seli Ski resort was the first organized Ski Resort in Greece that it has been operating since 1934
  • In the city of Veria three traditional quarters are well preserved !!!
  • The Old Cathedral of Veria is one of the greatest temples of the middle Byzantine period in the Balkan region
  • In Veria there is one of the biggest concert halls in Greece!!!
  • The Central Public Library of Veria won the “Access to Learning Award 2010” by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Veria is the Mitropolis of the Greek Handball where Filippos, the local team has in total 50 championships!!!
  • Veria is one of the few cities that has 3 Archaeological Museums!!!

A culinary destination
in the heart of Macedonia

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Blooming Peaches

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