The village of Geogrianoi, until the 1928, were called “Topliani” and it was located at an altitude of 440 meters. Before 1922 there was no village on the site of the village of Geogrianoi and the refugees from the Caucasus settled at this point in the spring of 1922 where the Georgians founded the village. Topliani was the name of another village, between the Georgians and Lefkopetra, which was completely destroyed by the Turks in 1822 after the revolution of Naoussa. In the running waters of the village of Geogrianoi one can get excellent quality trout, fresh or smoked.

Worth to visit

The church of Saint Georgios.
The park with the stadiums with the amazing view.

Important Dates

23 April
At the name day of Saint Georgios where the local church celebrates on April 23. In case this date occurs before Easter, then the feast of St. George is postponed to the next day of Easter. On this day, according to the tradition, pilaf with raisins and yogurt is offered.