Trilofos is one of the oldest villages of Imathia. It got its current name in 1959. Formerly, after 1925, it was known as “Nea Kouklaina”, a name given to it by the refugees from Kouklaina of Eastern Romulia who found their new homeland there. The earliest written reference to today’s Trilofo is found in the Archives of the Priestly Court of Veria, where the village is referred to as “Giavernitsa”. Various archeological findings testify that there was a settlement in the same location in antiquity. Many new settlements and cemeteries have been identified in the area, forming a dense network of archaeological sites dating from the Early Neolithic period to the post-Byzantine years. The cultivation of the vine is one of the important agricultural occupations of the local with the settlement to be well-known for its excellent wine and tsipouro production.

Worth to visit

On a slope surrounded by quite dense vegetation is the chapel of Agios Athanasios which was built in 1959..
The Aristotle Cultural Center..
The traditional “rakokazana” (distilleries that produce Tsipouro) and the wineries. .

Important Dates

During St.Dimitrios celebrations, the patron saint of Trilofos, the October 25 and 26, a quite rich in content with dance events, local costumes and universal participation event is taking place.
1st of February
On February 1, cultural events take place during the festival of St. Tryphon. In the homonymous hill with the chapel, the traditional dish named “Kurbani” is offered as well as wine or tsipouro since Saint is considered the protector of the vine growers.
18.01 & 02.05
Saint Athanasios is celebrated on January 18 and May 2
On July 26, St. Paraskevi is celebrated, which is the cemetery church of the village
October and November
Saint Athanasios is celebrated on January 18 and May 2