Twelve kilometers east of Veria, next to “Egnatia Motorway” stands one of the oldest settlements in the plain of Imathia. The name of the settlement is related to Saint Antonios of Veria, where, according to tradition, when the ox-carriage with the body of the Saint arrived in the settlement, it did not enter but simply made three circles (buns) around the settlement and then left to other settlements. From this fact Village was named Kouloura, a name that was also preserved after the its rebuilding 1935 caused by the flood of Aliakmonas river. The fury of the water saved the church of the village that was built in 1918 which is preserved until today and is dedicated to Saint Georgios. Right next to it, a new majestic church of Saint Georgios was built in 1997. During the Macedonian Struggle, several of the inhabitants of the village were used as guides and liaisons of guerrilla corps that were often hosted in the settlement. During the Balkan Wars, the 4th Infantry Regiment camped in the wider area, while during the First World War, French soldiers encamped in the churchyard. In 1932, 50 families came from the region of Pondos and settled in the village..

Worth to visit

The church of Saint Georgios
The church of the village (1918) which is dedicated to Saint Georgios and the new majestic church of Saint Georgios…

Important Dates

name day of Saint Georgios
At the name day of Saint Georgios where the local church celebrates. (April 23. In case this date occurs before Easter, then the feast of St.George is postponed to the next day of Easter).