Central Museum Building

Polycentric Museum of Aigai / Central Museum Building

A multifunctional and constantly evolving museum of a 146.000m2 size with various distinct units scattered around the area. It integrates and connects the new central building not only with the whole archaeological site of Aigai, namely the Palace and the tomb cluster of Temenids, but also with the world-famous Museum of the Royal Tombs. The museum consists of indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, training and scientific rooms, maintenance laboratories, a virtual museum from the rise of Macedonia to Alexander the Great and many more.

The main building of the Museum hosts the introductory exhibit “A window into the world of Alexander the Great” as well as five more exhibitions:
1. The exhibition of architectural members with the restored part of the Palace as a central exhibit: In the large atrium of the museum, in a protected area, a 30-meter long section of the upper floor of the central part of the facade of the Palace of Aigai has been restored.
2. The exhibition of sculptures, which concerns findings from long-term excavations in the wider archaeological site of Aigai.
3. The central exhibition “Aigon memory”, in which findings from the excavations of Aigon are exhibited: findings are presented that reveal the identity of the city, traces of religious ceremonies, the foundation of the Palace.
4. The periodical exhibition “Antidoron of the World” held in collaboration with the Numismatic Museum and the collector Theodoros Aravanis: The periodical exhibition “Antidoron of the World” tries to approach the phenomenon of the Hellenistic World, the expansion of Greek civilization to the Far East, through the forms of the protagonists of developments, as depicted on coins, the official symbols of their power and authority.
5. The art exhibition “Memory Matter” with works by the painter Christos Bokorou that were created especially for the presentation in the museum of Aigai.

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