A vibrant city

Hospitality and Entertainment in Veria

Τhe main pedestrian shopping area, with many shops and cafès, in a modern city center, presents strong economic, social and cultural activity. Veria is the only city in Greece which is friendly to the pedestrians, giving priority to them even without traffic lights and one of the few cities in Greece providing a free wireless network downtown. Veria has two characteristic squares, landmarks of the city, the “Elia” square with great views of the plain of Imathia and “Orologiou” or “Raktivan” square. If there is no local festivity, festival or event at the Arts Hall during your visit, you can enjoy yourself at the local nightclubs and bars listening to Greek, foreign and often traditional music. Do not forget to taste some of the top wines of the region and tsipouro produced by local grape varieties.
In Veria visitors can find luxurious hotels and guest houses with impeccable aesthetics and respect to the local architecture. In addition to the above, in the region of Veria there is a large number of agrotourism, traditional accommodation facilities and organized camps. The commercial center of Veria, with dairy and local product markets, agricultural products and traditional workshops of local cuisine, introduce visitors to the local tradition and culture. A coffee break in the city center along with a local sweet will lift your mood up and your energy for nightlife entertainment. To fully enjoy the experience, restaurants with local delicacies are awaiting for you to enjoy local dishes next to important historical monuments.