In the Footsteps of Apostle Paul

«Apostle Paul’s Tribune – A global pilgrimage»

Paul the Apostle preached the Gospel, faith, salvation and love to a large number of Jews and Verians that believed in the Gods of Olympus or had adopted outlandish worships. His preach had a great resonance and since his first visit in the Macedonian town he had proselytized many Verians to the new religion. Paul visited Veria twice; in 56 AD and at the beginning of 57 AD during his journey from Asia Minor to Greece.


According to historical resources, Paul the Apostle had visited Veria at least twice between 50 AD and 57 AD in order to teach the life of Jesus to the people of the region. The Apostle of the Nations was warmly welcomed since his first visit and his preaching had a great impact on the Verians and the Jews.


Paul’s the Apostle passage through Veria and the impact of his preaching, reveal the significance of the town at the first steps of Christianity and the important role that the town played for the spreading and establishment the Christian faith in Greece.

Το Βήμα Απ.Παύλου

Today, at the spot where Paul the Apostle preached the Christian faith, there is a religious monument, the so called “St Paul’s Tribune” a few metres away from the Clock Square (Raktivan) in the centre of the town. In this spot there are roman plates dated back to the 1st and according to the tradition, Paul the Apostle was standing on them while preaching. This fact adds a unique historical, religious and sentimental value to this landmark.


The monument is also decorated with impressive mosaic murals; while in the surrounding area there has been recently set a statue of Paul the Apostle of the nations, which is a donation by the patriarchate of Moscow and the Russian Academy of Art. The “Step of Paul the Apostle” is today an undeniable proof of the presence of Paul the Apostle in Veria and a universal monument of religious and cultural heritage that attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over the worls.


Every year in June, religious, cultural and educational events are carried out under the festival of ‘Pauleia’ ” to honor Paul the Apostle, the founder of the local church. The festival reach its peak with the Archieratical Vesper celebrated at “St Paul’s Tribute” on the Saint’s name day, on June 29th.