The village if located about 29 kilometers south of Veria, on the western slopes of the Pieria Mountains, at an altitude of 610m. Its old name was “Bosova”. Characteristic of its inhabitants is their insincere hospitality that leaves the best impressions on those who choose to visit the village. The delicious traditional dishes as well as the local production of tsipouro can satisfy even the most demanding gastronomic requirements..

Worth to Visit

The Church of St. Dimitrios,
The church of the village is dedicated to Agios Ioannis Prodromos.
The Church of St. Dimitrios, The early Christian Basilicas of St. Dimi¬trios in Sfikia village (4th-5th century), as well as other monuments and ancient settlements that have been found in the region of Pieria mountains, reveal the deep relationship between Christianity and the region. The whole central part of the basilica is covered today by the post-byzantine church of St. Dimitrios, which succeeded a former one of the middle byzantine period. Some murals of this period (12th-13th century) are preserved in the interior of the church.
The Dam of Sfikia