On the first semi-flat plateau on the north side of the Pieria Mountains and at a distance of 25 kilometers from the city of Veria at an altitude of 760 meters, stands the village of Polydendri which until 1926 was called «Kokova». The new name fits the village because it is surrounded by wooded areas, built in a beautiful place with a nice climate, fresh mountain air and crystal clear waters. Polydendri has famous taverns which are a pole of attraction for visitors..

Worth to visit

The Folklore Museum of Polydendri
The Folklore Museum of the Cultural Association of Polydendri was founded with the aim of saving and disseminating the local Folk Tradition. It is housed in the renovated building of the Primary School and is one of the ‘jewels’ of the village. At this Museum, one can discover and touch various useful objects and tools of the daily life of the ancestors, such as cooking utensils, household utensils, radios, typewriters, tools for agricultural and livestock work and many other objects.
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