Polycentric Museum of Aigai-Vergina

So close… Aigai – Vergina: the place that changed the global history

Aigai-Vergina is the first capital of Macedonians and the core of their ancient Kindom, the place where the family of Philip II and Alexander the Great reigned for over three centuries. It is the legendary, spiritual and political cradle that spread the Greek civilization to the whole world.

In Aigai, at the spot of current Vergina, in the Municipality of Veria, the King of Macedonians, the sovereign of the Balkans and elected overlord of Greeks, Philip II, in the year 336 B.C. had celebrated the greatest feast of his kingship before his inglorious end by the hand of his murderer, a fact that changed the world and its history, making Alexander the Great the leader of the Macedonian Kingdom. Alexander was acclaimed as a king and decided in spring of 334 B.C. to start his great campaign that sealed the fate of the ancient world. Following the same destiny of the Kingdom, Aigai was forgotten until the 1977 when Manolis Andronikos’ excavation revealed a lot of significant treasures and gave the place its name and the history of Macedonia was written again.

The restoration of the palace of Philip II, together with the necropolis and the burial complex of the Temenids, an area of almost 550 acres, a tree-planted area that can be visited, an archaeological and naturalistic tour, the Museum of the Royal Tombs, the ancient theater, the recorded church of Agios Dimitrios, and the Central Museum, make up the Polycentric Museum of Aigai.