Mikri Santa

Mikri Santa

On the southeastern slopes of Mountain Vermio that end in Aliakmonas River, at an altitude of 750 meters, stands the settlement of “Mikri Santa” (little- Santa) which was named after the refugees who settle there from Santa of the region of Pontos. In the past, at the exact site of the settlement there was a settlement called “Vermodio”, through the center of which passed the “Egnatia Odos” (Via Egnatia). Later the area was named “Tserkoviani” and the people from Santa first settled there, giving the settlement its current name on November 1st, 1926. The period 1925-1940, despite the adversities encountered there, was proved very creative. The sensitivity of the inhabitants towards the letters and the arts and especially the theater was impressive while at the same time the men of the settlement were famous for their building craftsmanship.

Worth to visit

The village is famous for its impressive view of the Pieria Mountains and the
valley of the Aliakmonas river..

Important Dates

26 October
October 26 where the church of the settlement, St. Dimitrios, celebrates.