One of the oldest settlements of Imathia that was named after the nearby palace (palace) of Vergina (Aiges). The village is mentioned in writings of 1328 and during the Byzantine period it was a couple (farm). At the same time the area reached great prosperity, a fact that is proven by the many churches in the area (St. Demetrios, St. Triada, St. Athanasios, St. Paraskevi) but also by the coins found in the area. According to tradition, Apostle Paul spent a night in Palatitsia in his way from Veria to Athens. During the period of the Macedonian Struggle, the settlement was a passage of guerrilla corps and a meeting place of great military leaders. The church of the settlement is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary but the village celebrates on the Holy Trinity-Holy Spirit day..

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The Holy Tample of Saint Dimitrios in Palatitsia Village
It was built in the 16th century with 80% raw materials coming from the palace of Aigai and was painted by a group of hagiographers from Lianotopi Kozani, the origin of famous hagiographers of that time.

The Holy Monastery of All Saints
The monastery is located on the mountain, near the village of Paliatitsa and the road for the last 4.5 km is earthy. It is a literally hidden in the forest under a high cliff. In the beginning of 1878, a number of locals tried to hide there but eventually they were killed by the Turks, apart of a group of women who preferred the heroic and honest death by falling into the 200m deep gorge of “Galaktos”, on March 15, 1878. For more information, please visit


The date is not specific.

The celebration of the “Agia Triada” (Holy Trinity).