Nea Nicomedia

Nea Nicomedia

At a distance of 4 km after the bridge “66” on the old national road Veria-Thessaloniki stands the village of Nea Nikomidia, a settlement that owes its name to the origin of most refugees who began to settle in the village coming from Nikomidia and Anatolia. Until 1953, the settlement that pre-existed in the area was called “Braniata” a name that is probably due to the fact that the area was a couple (farm) of the well-known family of Vranas, aristocrats of Byzantium or alternatively that the area was once a fiefdom of an officer named Vranas. During the Macedonian Struggle, many fights took place in the settlement and in the wider area that are very close to “Valto” (swamp).

Worth to visit

The church of Saint Nikolaos in the center of the village..
Just outside the settlement there is a chapel dedicated to Saint Panteleimon.
The school of the settlement was founded in 1926 and was renovated in 1930, while later renovations and additions of halls took place.
The Museum of National Resistance housed in the former Community Hall
Neolithic settlement of Nea Nicomedia
Neolithic settlements have been found almost all over Greece. However, the oldest one of them in Europe, was found outside Veria, in Nea Nikomedia and dates back to the 7th millennium BC. The Neolithic settlement of Nea Nikomedia is located about 13 km north of Veria and 2 km north of Nea Nikomedia.

Important Dates

18th of January
On the 18th of January the traditnal event called “Kurbani” is taking place in honor of St. Athanasios.
01.06 – 30.06
Every May the festival of Saint Nikolaos is taking place.