Discover Veria The land of culture and religion

Veria: 2500 years of History

Built on the foothills of Mt Vermion and surrounded to the northeast by the Pieria Mountains and the River Aliakmonas, Veria is widely known for its rich, long history. Here is Vergina (Aigai), an archaeological site designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom, the place where Alexander the Great was crowned King and began his legendary campaign that united people and cultures.
Here stands the Tribune of Apostle Paul, “a global monument of religious heritage”, the place where 2000 years ago the Apostle of Nations conveyed the message of Jesus to the people of Veria. Additionally, 48 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, Ottoman religious monuments and the oldest Jewish Synagogue in Northern Greece are well preserved, proof that the city was an important religious crossroad from ancient times until today.

Apart from the monuments and attractions, visitors have the opportunity to experience a vibrant and dynamic city and taste the local cuisine, with influences from Asia Minor, Vlachs and Black Sea tradition, combined with the intoxicating “tsipouro” and regional wines and juicy syrupy sweets such as the famous local Revani. Nature, history and gastronomy become one in Veria, offering a unique experience to the visitor.