The village of Koumaria is a small mountain village built around the end of the 19th century by residents of the neighboring villages of Seli and Xirolivado at an altitude of 750 meters. In Koumaria one can enjoy coolness during the hot summer months and picturesque walks in the snow in winter. In Koumaria someone can try local recipes in one of the reputable restaurants of the village and spend the night in its traditional hostels that are open all year round.

Worth to visit

The churches of Saint Nikolaos and Panagia with its unique grove.

The church of Saint Nikolaos at the location called Marousia

Important Dates

24th of June

On June 24, the custom of “Ai Giannis of Klidonas” is revived. At the beginning of July, where the meeting of the “Koumariotes” (people from Koumaria village) is organized every year.

Beginning of July

Every year an annual gathering of locals (Koumariotes) takes place in the beginning of July.

8th of September

On September the 8th, the village celebrates. On the eve and on the day of the festival, which is held in honor of the birth of the Virgin Mary, the square is full of traditional sounds and dances from many cultural associations.