“Kori of Veria”

Kori of Veria”

The brass copy of the girl of Veria, is the work of the great artist from Veria (painter and sculptor) Thomas Vafeidis, which was erected in the autumn of 1983 in the park of “Elia” and is an offer of the Tourist Club of Veria to the Municipality. “The Girl of Veria” is undoubtedly a work of art that made and continues to make Veria known abroad and especially in Germany, since the original bronze statuette has adorned the sculpture gallery of the Munich Museum of Ancient Art (Mädchen aus Beroia) since 1909. It is the artistic ambassador for Veria. The original 25 cm high statuette is a work of art from the 5th BC. century and was probably crafted by the famous sculptor Polykleitos (Pheidias’ colleague on the Acropolis) or one of his students.
At the other end of the park at the beginning of the park of Agioi Anargyroi there is still a marble copy of the “Girl of Veria”.