One of the oldest settlements of the Municipality of Veria, the village of Diavatos, is located at a distance of 7.5 km from Veria. The name of the settlement is related to the patron saint of Veria, Saint Antonios, where according to tradition, the ox-carriage with the body of the Saint as it was wandering between the settlements of the plain reached near the village which “passed” quickly. From this very fast passage the settlement was named Diavatos. During the Macedonian Struggle and especially with the events in the lake of Giannitsa (Valtos) several of the inhabitants of the settlement were used as guides and liaisons of guerrilla corps. Macedonian warriors were hosted many times in the houses of the settlement, while it is worth mentioning the Papa- Nikolas Theocharopoulos who regularly visited the huts of “Valtos” and shared the lads. In 1924, refugees from Nicomedia in Asia Minor were settled in the village. In 1935 all the houses were destroyed by a flood of Aliakmonas river forcing the inhabitants to leave the Old Village and settle in the current location.

Worth to visit

The church of Saints Constantine and Helen
The church of Saints Constantine and Helen, one of the first buildings of the new settlement..

Important Dates

May 21
On May 21, the village celebrates its Patron Saints