Komninio is one of the smallest settlements of Veria and is located at an altitude of 450 meters. Its inhabitants come from the region of Pontos.
When the refugees arrived at the site of the present settlement, they found ruins of older houses, which allow us to conclude that the area had been inhabited since much earlier, perhaps from the Byzantine years. Besides, the older name of the settlement Koumanitsi may be connected with the “Koumanos” who were also known as “Scythians” and who colonized the Balkan Peninsula in the 11th century. According to another version, the area around the current settlement was a farm of Komanitzis who was a relative of Athanasios Sultan Palaiologos. During the Ottoman years, the area was also inhabited but this population moved and settled in Veria just after the liberation of the city by the Ottoman Rule in 1912. Nowadays, it is a quiet settlement with picturesque mansions and building just a few kilometers away from the city center of Veria.

Worth to visit

The current church of the settlement is dedicated to St. Georgios while the Church of the Holy Trinity (PELEKAN) also belongs to the settlement.

Ιmportant Dates

50 days after Easter.
The two days of the feast of the Holy Spirit (50 days after Easter).