Wine varieties of the region

Wine varieties produced in Imathia

The wineries of the area produce several wine varieties typical of this area. Here follow the most important out of all the varieties produced in terms of quantity.

Xinomavro wine
Red wine grape grown in the Northern Greece and more specifically in the areas of Naousa, Amyntaio and Goumenissa. The word “Xinomavro” is a compound word meaning “acid black” describing the acid taste and the deep red colour of the variety. All these characteristics in combination with the aging potential give a complex and unique personality.

Roditis or Rhoditis
Roditis is a Greek wine grape growing in Greece since a long time. Roditis produces elegant, light white wines with citrus flavors and a pleasant aftertaste.

Syrah variety is read grape variety which became extremely well-know due the exquisite red wines it produces. A vivid variety trained in double cordon Royat. This is a variety which gives wine its red colour and intense aroma; such characteristics are further intensified by aging.

A French variety widely known and appreciated in Greece. Produces intense red wine with velvet taste and lasting aftertaste. This variety use n combination with other varieties improves the colour and the aroma, speeding up the ageing process.

Cabernet Sauvignon
The most popular variety worldwide; originating from Bordeaux it took over the world. In Greece adjusted just fine proving the excellent potential of the Macedonian microclimate. Among the characteristics of this variety we see the impressive deep read colour, a rich bouquet of mature red fruits, plums, cherries as well as red pepper paired with aging aromas such as tobacco and pepper. Balanced with intense character and lasting aftertaste.

French variety which gives exquisite white wines with medium to intense acidity, rich aroma and nice aftertaste. This variety is also extremely well known in the world. Chardonnay variety is known for its rich and interesting features. It reminds mature tropical fruits, apple, melon, mango and often peach. When aged, it produces aromas such as wood, tobacco and dried fruits.