Cultural Events

Veria is well-known for its significant cultural activities throughout the year. Concerts, music, theater performances, shows, exhibitions and various other cultural activities give a strong artistic color to the city’s daily life with a significant participation of both residents and visitors.

The most important events are:

“Week of Tradition“: A five day Traditional Dance Festival that takes place in the city of Veria as well as at each municipal communities (the last week of August).

“Veria, fine-sounding city”: A music festival in which, musicians wander in the city, outdoor events, such as exhibitions and demonstrations, audio editing and production systems, a bazaar to exchange discs etc., take place at multiple points (every June).

International Puppet & pantomime festival of Veria “VEROIAPUPPET”: Festival that is under the Artistic Direction of Juanjo Corrales with a rich program which includes performances for young and old (middle of October).

“Peach Festival”:Peach meets the contemporary gastronomy and culture in a series of activities ranking from the production to the urban life (every June).

International Guitar Festival: The festival includes several national guitar competitions in various categories (depending on the age of the contestant), guitar tutorials for beginner guitarists, master classes, recitals, concerts, lectures and many other events (the first week after Easter).

Theatre Week: One week “full of theater“ to mark the World Theatre Day. Dozens of young actors and directors take part in this great celebration, which is mainly aimed at young people with daily performances, discussions in the foyer, seminars, bar theatre etc (the last week of March).

Chocolate and Confectionery Festival: It is organized every year by the Regional Unit of Imathia in order to convey to young and old the joy and magic of Christmas. Sweets, chocolates, music, activities, concerts, events and many surprises give children and those who feel like children, endless moments of joy, laughter and fun. The program, the location as well as the duration of the celebration are modified every year in order to transfer to the maximum the festive atmosphere in the whole Regional Unit of Imathia.

Panhellenic Competitions of artistic Dance “ev Dimiourgein”: Hundreds of dancers of all ages, starting from 7 years old, from all over the country will go through the stage and compete in dance types: classical ballet, modern, karakter, jazz and hip hop with evaluation committee from Greece and abroad. At the same time, dance workshops and performances by professionals are taking place (the last week of April or the first week of May).

Cycling in the Blooming Peaches: Every March, a phenomenon unique to the Greek countryside occurs. The fertile plain of Imathia is transformed into a vast pink sea of flowers, by the thousands blooming peach trees! It is no coincidence that Herodotus mentions that in these places were the famous “Gardens of Midas”. In Eastern traditions, the peach is considered “the Tree of Life at Paradise on Earth” that provides people with life and joy. This is exactly the joy we want to share together with a Bicycle Ride in the pink fields of Blooming Peaches! (every March).

Wine Party: Every winter, at the pedestrian street of “Ellis“, a wine party is organized. Guests have the opportunity to be introduced to the art of wine tasting, accompanied by the sounds of wind instrument bands. The evening offers a unique opportunity for someone to enjoy the wine; it is a tour to particular scents and colors, a challenge to the senses.

Wine, Tsipouro and Must festivities: Festivities and parties for the promotion of local wines and grape distillates are taking place both in the city of Veria and the surrounding local communities.

• Furthermore, characteristic events’ are the “aura Theatre in alsos” and the “Notes Drosias in elia” while many other smaller local events take place in annual basis.

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