This fruitful land in combination with the great history of the town offers the visitor a unique experience of landmarks and monuments to see and products and flavours to taste. Veria, aside from its history and tradition is known for the cultivation of a great variety of fruits and vegetables growing in the vast plain as well as the production of meat and dairy products. All the above products are also the ingredients to the recipes which are a mix of Vlach, Asia Minor and Black Sea tradition, all perfectly paired with the well-known local wines based on the predominant grape variety of “xinomavro“ (sour and black) or even “tsipouro“, homemade distilled drink.


Dominant element of the local gastronomy is the pie. One can taste pies of all kinds: green pies, leek pies, must pies, “patsavouropites“, rice pies, pumpkin pies, sausage rolls, courgette pies, cheese pies, “batzo“ cheese pies and black sea rolls or piroski. One of the popular dishes of Veria is “fasoulodavas“ (oven-cooked beans) that is not missing from any local home while on cold winter days is accompanied by a great homemade “tsipouro“.


In the town’s restaurants and bars you will be able to taste local dishes such as “koukouloto“ made of lamb meat, “sarmadakia“ with parsley, “zigouri“ lamb meat with quince, “fasoulodavas“, “hasapiko“ varenika“, “arian» or “kefir“, “ivriston“, “pisia“ and many other rich recipes to pair with xinomavro wine or “tsipouro“.


Your meal will be completed with fresh fruits, typical products of the area or the traditional dessert “revani“.