Outdoor activities in Pieria Μountain

Outdoor activities in Pieria Μountain

Cultural Events in Pieria Μountain

The main cultural event of the region is the cultural festival called “Pieria Muses”, which are organized every year in early September. It is a set of cultural events including exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts, folk dances, speeches, etc. and the tomato festival. A new initiative for the revival of the folklore tradition and the strengthening of the relations with the native land, of those who now live far from it, are the Annual Meetings organized by the Cultural Associations of the region.
Other important cultural events are those that include music circles, visual arts, literary evenings, folklore events, contemporary dance and ballet performances, theatrical performances, and events related to counseling and information for young people. The folklore tradition is rich and it is also related to religious holidays. Moreover, events such as “Ragatzaria” on New Year’s Eve, “Cedars” on the Carnival period and the “Antamoma” are taking place in the summer period. These festivals are distinguished for their mixed character, religious, cultural and commercial.

Religious holidays

2nd of May The celebration of St. Athanasios in Rizomata
26th of July The celebration of St. Paraskevi, in Daskio and Sfikia
26th of October The celebration of St. Dimitrios in Polydendri and Sfikia
15th of AugustT he Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Rizomata, Daskio and Haradra
26th of December the “Festival of Tsigarida” takes place in the square of the village of Sykea.
AugustEvery August in the village of Sykea the event called “Antamoma” is taking place.
29th of AugustThe celebration of St.John the Vaptist on August 29 in Sykea.

Hiking. E4 European Long Distance Path

From the forest massif of Pieria Mountains passes through the international mountaineering Path E4, which starts from the city of La Linea in Spain and ends in Gythio (Greece) crossing a total of six countries, and meets other locally remarkable paths. The forests of the area are suitable for outdoor recreation, due to the variety of flora and intense vegetation, the geomorphology of the climate and the water conditions in combination with a good road network from the urban centers and their accessibility. In the area there are leisure infrastructures which have been established for almost years as places of recreation, such as the places of Rizomata, Pinakades and Polinendri Tubes.

The sidewalks and paths give visitors the opportunity to get to know the beauties and special features of the area and to practice. Walking the endless path E4, which crosses the mountain, the visitor is in an idyllic environment of absolute tranquility with rich flora and fauna.

The route of the European Long
Distance Path E4 in the region is the following:
1. Lake of “Logga”, in the village of Daskio.
2. Stone hut in “Logga” lake.
3. Orphic sanctuary above “Longa” in Sfikia village.
4. St. Georgios, in Sfikia village.
5. St. Dimitrios, in Melissorema location.
6. Natural Heritage Monument of “Paleokastro”.
7. Rizomata, with the rock as a background.
8. “Papa Chorafi”.
9. “Liacha”.

Other vertical and parallel routes to the European Path E4 are:
• Polydendri – Elafina – Platydromos Area – Catalonia (smooth ridges that form other natural routes).
• Polydendri – Charadra – historical village of Vergina (route through Plataneon stream).

Mountain bike

There are many kilometers of forest roads to access the forest clusters for mountain biking. The area that can be practiced with the greatest interest is the area of St. Athanasios-“Papa Chorafi”-“Liacha”.


Most of the forest areas of the “Liacha” area and south of the ruins of “Fteri”, have NW exhibitions and together with the entire ridge from “Flampouro” to the area “Papa Chorafi”, are suitable for climbing.


The limestone rocks in the area of the Holy Monastery of Prodromos and Gouma Rizomatos, offer excellent opportunities for educational climbing.

Slope parachute

The area of “Profiti Ilia” in the village of Rizomata when the weather conditions help, can be suitable for the sport.


The Lake of Daskio vilalge and the Lake of «Logga» are offered for recreation and boating.

Nature spots

The numerous natural spots are placed in amazing panoramic view locations and offer to the visitor rest and relax (Pieria Mountains, Thermaikos Golf, Olympus Mountain).

Visit and explore the rich caves

Visit and explore the rich caves, such as.
• The cavernous cave Anemotrypa, in Rizomata village.
• The cave of Paliokastro in Daskio village.
• The impressive sinkhole Hadaki in Rizomata villages.